Thursday, October 1, 2009


Following a successful world premiere at The Frequency in Madison on Sept. 21st, Commentaraoke returns to The Frequency for Episode #2. Commentaraoke allows people to unleash their inner (Weird Al) Yankovic by creating and performing parody lyrics to the pop songs of their choice.

Karaoke has become too safe and too sanitized,” says organizer Doug Gordon. “It’s too domesticated. I want to put the danger back into karaoke because you can’t spell karaoke without...uhhh, scratch that last part. I think you know what I mean. The Gomers are kicking serious karaoke ass with Gomeroke, of course, but I think that Commentaraoke is the next logical step in the Darwinian evolution of karaoke. And when I say ‘Darwin,’ I’m referring to both Charles Darwin and Darwin Sampson, owner of The Frequency, who is graciously allowing me the opportunity to take karaoke to the next level,” Gordon said to no one in particular over a Cobb salad at a trendy bistro just off Capitol Square.

Is he worried about falling victim to the dreaded sophomore jinx, he asked himself as he typed this press release? “No, not at all. This one is going to be bigger and better. We’ve also got a great triple bill of opening acts who’ll be performing short opening sets, set-ettes actually – Barenaked Cockburns (a mashup tribute to my fellow Canadians Barenaked Ladies and Bruce Cockburn), HiphoP Lovecraft (a hip hop tribute to horror fiction master H.P. Lovecraft) and Joe Soko, who’ll perform slightly demented children’s music.”

As if that isn’t enough, Gordon stresses that admission to this entertainment extravaganza is free. “But hey, if people want to feel like they’re more hip than they already are, I’m happy to put them on the guest list. Just drop me an e-mail.”

You can find out more about Commentaraoke by visiting the Official Commentaraoke website, conveniently located at There’s a list of all of the available songs there. Gordon also takes requests and has a B.Y.O.B.T. (“Bring Your Own Backing Track”) policy.


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