Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sky Smith and E

Check out this kick-ass version of Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" by Sky Smith and his dad, E. Working on booking them as special guests for Commentaraoke Reboot --
maybe in the fall? Can I afford to book them? The question is Can I afford NOT to?
I think we know the answer.

Hope that you're enjoying a SUPERLATIVE summer!

Peace, Love & Understanding,

Dougie Lynn Gordon

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Daily Page/ISTHMUS covers Commentaraoke

THE DAILY PAGE/ISTHMUS has a nice feature-ette on Commentaraoke up on their website...

Look under third sub-headline, "Audience participation."

Thanks to Bob Koch and ISTHMUS for their interest and support.



Friday, October 16, 2009

Adam Schabow/Dane 101 Commentaraoke E-Interview

Adam Schabow of Madison pop groups, The Shabelles, and co-creator/co-host of Madison internet talk show, DRUNKDIAL 101, e-interviewed me re. Commentaraoke for

Here's the link...

Thank you to Mr. Schabow for his interest and support.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Following a successful world premiere at The Frequency in Madison on Sept. 21st, Commentaraoke returns to The Frequency for Episode #2. Commentaraoke allows people to unleash their inner (Weird Al) Yankovic by creating and performing parody lyrics to the pop songs of their choice.

Karaoke has become too safe and too sanitized,” says organizer Doug Gordon. “It’s too domesticated. I want to put the danger back into karaoke because you can’t spell karaoke without...uhhh, scratch that last part. I think you know what I mean. The Gomers are kicking serious karaoke ass with Gomeroke, of course, but I think that Commentaraoke is the next logical step in the Darwinian evolution of karaoke. And when I say ‘Darwin,’ I’m referring to both Charles Darwin and Darwin Sampson, owner of The Frequency, who is graciously allowing me the opportunity to take karaoke to the next level,” Gordon said to no one in particular over a Cobb salad at a trendy bistro just off Capitol Square.

Is he worried about falling victim to the dreaded sophomore jinx, he asked himself as he typed this press release? “No, not at all. This one is going to be bigger and better. We’ve also got a great triple bill of opening acts who’ll be performing short opening sets, set-ettes actually – Barenaked Cockburns (a mashup tribute to my fellow Canadians Barenaked Ladies and Bruce Cockburn), HiphoP Lovecraft (a hip hop tribute to horror fiction master H.P. Lovecraft) and Joe Soko, who’ll perform slightly demented children’s music.”

As if that isn’t enough, Gordon stresses that admission to this entertainment extravaganza is free. “But hey, if people want to feel like they’re more hip than they already are, I’m happy to put them on the guest list. Just drop me an e-mail.”

You can find out more about Commentaraoke by visiting the Official Commentaraoke website, conveniently located at There’s a list of all of the available songs there. Gordon also takes requests and has a B.Y.O.B.T. (“Bring Your Own Backing Track”) policy.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Nod joins the Commentaraoke lineup

We're delighted to report that The Nod (well, 50 percent of the band, anyway) will join us at the world premiere of COMMENTARAOKE at The Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin on Monday, Sept. 21st at 6 PM. Admission is FREE!

Brett Newski and Larry Eric Maloney will entertain us with with a short acoustic set, including the single, "Frustrating (The Shit Out of You"), from their SHODDY HEART EP.

As The Nod's official bio says:

"A band birthed 18 months ago in the belly of Madison, Wisconsin, The Nod is well past its infancy, though still nibbles on the easily-digested rewards of each live show -- playing for people, catching adrenaline buzz, having a PBR with fans and friends, hearing new bands, forming new allies, and contributing a little more to the music scene with each performance.

The Nod's SHODDY HEART EP was released in August of 2009. An organic and upbeat record, the disc encompasses truthful songs molded from stories of loss, gain, selfishness, selflessness, juilt, elation, regreat, and optimism. The record acknowledges that what goes around comes some degree, only some of the time. We've all been stabbed in the heart before, figuratively...hopefully. Sometimes we return the favor and stick someone else right back. Either way, we get burned, but we wouldn't play with fire it if wasn't a little bit of fun."

See you there!