Sunday, August 23, 2009


World Premiere at The Frequency Monday, Sept. 21st at 6 PM

“Two words sum up today’s culture: ‘authenticity’ is one, and the other is, well ... ‘karaoke.’ Most artists spend their lives trying to authenticate (or make true) today’s karaoke culture, but you have to be a magician to do that. Karaoke is mouthing other people’s songs; it is life by proxy, liberated by hindsight and unencumbered by the messy process of creativity.”
– Malcolm McLaren

The time has come to bring “the messy process of creativity” to today’s karaoke culture and,in the process, take karaoke to the next level. That’s why Doug Gordon is proud to present the world premiere of Commentaraoke at The Frequency, 121 West Main Street in Madison, on Monday, Sept.21st, at 6 PM. Admission is free.

“Commentaraoke will give people the opportunity to unleash their inner (Weird Al) Yankovics,” says Gordon. “They’ll be able to communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings in an infectious musical form by singing original lyrics to pre-recorded backing tracks of our favorite songs from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90's and beyond.”

“The possibilities are endless. I imagine that someone will perform a commentaraoke about Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s recent announcement that he won’t defend Wisconsin against a lawsuit which challenges the state’s new domestic partner registry. Maybe they’ll take Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ and turn it into ‘Stump.’ Or maybe Madison comedian Mark Kump will show up and sing ‘Kump.’ Who the hell knows? And I’m sure we’ll have several commentaraokes about Brett Lorenzo Favre’s decision to come out of retirement for the 19th time and sign with The Minnesota Vikings – songs like ‘Viking Horns’ (to the tune of Mr. Mister’s #1 smash hit, ‘Broken Wings’), ‘You Better You Brett’ (The Who’s ‘You Better You Bet’) and ‘Ruining Your Legacy’ (Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Building A Mystery’). I imagine the chorus of ‘Viking Horns’ will go something along the lines of ‘Take these Viking horns/And stick them somewhere where the sun don’t shine.’”

Gordon has big plans for “Commentaraoke.” He’s hoping to turn it into a multimedia franchise to find America’s next great song parodist. “I think ‘American Yankovic’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you?” As for the rumors that Paula Abdul could be a judge on ‘American Yankovic,’ Gordon thinks those rumors are greatly exaggerated. “I’ve been in show business long enough to never say never but I’m not holding my breath,” Gordon says pensively. “Plus we had kind of a messy breakup. Personally, I think there’s a much better chance that Jon Gosselin will be one of the judges. And maybe some of his kids. After all, they’re the ones who are going to be the Yankovics of tomorrow.”

People interested in participating should visit the official Commentaraoke website, conveniently located at A song list will be posted soon. “We also take requests,” Gordon says. “And, of course, we have a “B.Y.O.B.T.” (“Bring Your Own Backing Track”) policy.

As if all this interactive musical mirth and mayhem won’t be enough entertainment, Gordon is proud to announce that Commentaraoke will kick off with short opening sets by The Soup Nazis (“The World’s Hottest Seinfeld Tribute Band”) and Elvish Costello. “The Soup Nazis are scheduled to perform ‘Jerk Store’ and ‘Spongeworthy’ from their forthcoming debut EP,” Gordon reports. “The timing is perfect because this is the day after the new season premiere of HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ which will feature the “Seinfeld” reunion storyline.”


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